Raphie - Version 1.1.0

We're happy to announce that Raphie gets an update!

Version 1.1 comes with:

* Slower Pacing
- We slowed down all our characters to make it feel more natural and easier to control Raphie.

* Higher Mobility
- Raphie can wall jump, slide on walls and grab ledges.

* A Bigger Level
- The level now is about twice as big as before, giving you more to play.

* Improved Level Design
- The level has a more diverse layout to make use of the higher mobility Raphie gained.

* Improved Enemy AI
- Enemies should be a lot more fun to fight now.

* Two Boss Fights
- ;)

* Gamepad support
- You can play Raphie with your gamepad now. Plug and Play!

* Save Game
- Your progress should now be properly saved.

* Adaptive Music
- we added support for adaptive music.

* A Trumpload of Bug Fixes
- we took down as many bugs as possible, giving you a smooth gaming experience!

We hope you enjoy playing Raphie as much as we enjoyed making it! :)


1.1 - x11 87 MB
Jul 19, 2019
1.1 - win 85 MB
Jul 19, 2019
1.1 - osx 88 MB
Jul 19, 2019

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